Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deeper still....

Drained......the conclusion I have drawn.  In search of inspiration however that well currently seems to have been tapped dry.  I'm thankful for the changing weather which means open doors and letting the outside in.  But still this does not satisfy.  This turmoil in my soul is relentless.  Dear God, how do I discern and navigate this windy road?  Do I laugh?  Do I cry?.......

And along creeps in a smile.  I must be on to something.  Yes, I know this feeling.  Something breaks in my spirit but at the same time something is connecting.  The knot that held me tied to things external, unravels. I must look internally to tie myself tighter to You.  External beauty can not restore balance to internal suffering, completely.  Sometimes the vein opens so deep that only an infusion of His blood can restore things.  Search deep.....search deep.  Deeper is where you will find Me.  Past yes and no answers.  Past solutions that no longer apply.  Past remedies that have already been tried.  Past phrases, words; even your questions that have already been heard.

We all have questions.  We all want answers.  And we all want this to be quick, easy and most of all painless.  Nobody likes hard, laborsome work.  The ground is hard beyond the surface because in our own selfish ambitions we fail to care for what lies deep until we are faced with no way around it.  Nothing ever heals for the outside in.  We nurse wounds, urging them to hurry, heal, but what of the infection even deeper still.  Why do we fight what God so desires to expose so that true, complete, healing can race forth?  Our naked eye is only so good.  It is not trained.  It does not see all the signs.  Not all symptoms stand, exposed.  There is something to this hidden.  Humanity dies a slow death because of what it can't see.  Certainly not from what it chooses to ignore, no?

This is where the statement, "Ignorance is bliss", must come from.  And I am picking up where I left off several days ago when I began this compilation of thoughts.  My mind keeps returning to the same word.  

TRUTH.  Truth is that word.  It runs deep.  Just when you think you have a grasp of it, it runs deeper still.  It runs deep because it was meant to be the foundation on which we build our lives.  Everyone knows that a foundation laid too shallow will not withstand much of a shaking.  The earth is continually moving beneath our feet; and these footers.  How sure is your foundation and upon what have you laid it?

My days are gravitating to this topic and I am hungry for this manna.  I just keep reaching for more, as the space around my desk would give witness to.  A book here.  A book there.  Not including the stacks on the floor. There is something to this, after all, the Word of God does say "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32).   

So for the next month I will be examining Truth and its flip side.  I am hoping to find time to write about it.  But for now, here is something to think about.
      Proverbs 23:23
Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding.

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