Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There is no contradiction in truth...

I was hoping that my frame of mind would improve but World War III broke out this afternoon and resulted in everyone being sent to their rooms.  Well not everyone.  I was not included.  I got the short end of that stick.  Work at my computer, ringing telephone and dinner that refuses to cook itself, over the refuge of my bedroom; I think not. But as always, responsibility called.  Someday I might think to change my number.  Needless to say I didn't find my way to writing, other than this paragraph I am typing now, so I am posting something I wrote over the summer.  It does pertain to truth and writing it was freeing.  You might want to give it a try.....

Last night I sat alone with my thoughts and some pretty fierce accusations.  The way the enemy tries to weave webs but oh, how he forgets who holds those threads.  Go ahead, plant your thoughts.  Whisper your nothings into my ear.  For your words have no power here.  I "know" the heart of my God and as His word says, "His perfect love drives out all fear". 

Tell me about how you think my God failed.  How he forsook me.  Led me down a path He knew would cause grief and heartache.   Yes, ask me where was His compassion.  Go ahead, bring up my desires.  My passions.  Give me your full arsenal.  Your hook, line and sinker; you presumptuous fool.  But just keep in mind, I've got something for you too.

I wasn't born yesterday.  I know all to well the games that you play.  And I happen to believe in His word, for I have hidden His truth in my heart and I am a carrier of His spirit, a light in the dark.  I rest in His shadow.  I believe in His love and His faithfulness.  No, I don't understand all of His ways but hear me, let me make myself clear,  I know Him.  I've been in His very presence.  I know His voice, how he speaks to my heart, whispers to calm fears.  He smiles on me and continually tells me what I am worth and how He has moved heaven and earth.  He has shared with me His pain and His grief over the lost connection with all that He loved.  As well as the joy He has felt in supplying a rescue and how the end so justifies the means to Him.  For I have been ransomed. God's love is so great that there is no price He was not willing to pay .  You might be able to ignore the truth of all creation, deceived by your own imaginations but I AM LOVED and that is something you can never take from me, undermine and cause me not to see.
Truth does not change based on circumstance or situation.  God's love changes not!  And He never operates in contradiction.

Day three of 31 Days Reflecting on truth (click here for this series) 

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