Sunday, September 12, 2010

We will never be of any value to the kingdom of God if we can't look past the facade of humanity and see God's divine creation.  The image and likeness in which we were all formed.  Wonderfully and fearfully made.  This is not to be selective but to apply to all.  There is something of worth, value, a treasure within each and everyone.

Its when this is ignored, discounted, devalued, abused or left unnurtured, that we are left to deal with the unlovely and ugly consequences that further undermined the truth.

When God deals with us, looks upon us, does he ridicule, mock, point out our shortcomings and weaknesses?  No, he illuminates the good in which he sees in us and encourages us to shoot for this standard in all aspects of our life.

We all have the same God given assignment, To love this world back to its creator.