Friday, January 16, 2009

A mother's perspective...

I'm staring at a load of clean dishes in the dishwasher and I can't seem to stop the tears from flowing, this morning. Oh, the magnitude of such a simple task. You see I didn't load these nor did I wash them. But Emma, in her quiet way, chose to be moved by her love for me. She chose to let her actions speak louder than words. You see, I usually load them and she unloads because she doesn't see any value in having a system of order to complete a task. This morning everything was so meticulously placed that it was obvious she had listened to my instructions. They had taken on meaning to her now. She wasn't ordered or coaxed or even asked to complete this task.

It may seem like a small meaningless feat, but in my mind and in my heart it represents a fruition of things I've tried to instill in her. Love, respect, honor, selflessness and service. And I'm undone by this.

No good deed goes unnoticed, not even the small ones!