Friday, October 21, 2011

Pondering on this pleasantly cool October morning...

As I opened myself up to worship Him this morning I was reminded of something God showed me a few years ago and the revelation that I was given pertaining to it.  I recalled a favorite childhood past time that I have taught to my children; that of creating a whirlpool.  I saw children laughing and in awe of this thing they created, this force they could not out run and could not stop, delighted over how it carried them. My thoughts began to expand on the makings of this whirlpool, how all the potential is there and all it takes is one person to begin a forward motion, around and around. As others joined in, momentum increased and the force got stronger and before you know it, it is carrying you.

Then by way of the Holy Spirit, His thoughts became my thoughts.  These waters represented Him.  My position is in Him, moving in a forward motion, gaining momentum from the truths I have discovered, the faith I choose to pursue and the individuals that I worship in one accord with.  My act of aligning myself with Him, The Word, and the leading of the Holy Spirit, propels me forward; us forward.  When we desire to serve God and long for those around us to experience the fullness of all of His attributes, we choose to position our selves in the depths of Him and we knowingly (intentionally) take measure to remain in the deep.

As we step into the flow of God (notice I didn't say into a flow but rather "the" flow of God) and begin to walk forward, we discover a current behind us.  As we gather momentum and find others that have the same desire; that have made the same covenant with God, we create an even stronger force.  The water begins to draw; to move others that have ventured into the water but clung to the edge for fear of...(you fill in the blank)  and sometimes carry them until they are able to and have resolved to stand and begin this forward motion with us.  It is in our obedience to take that  which God has entrusted, revealed to us and "live it", "become it", and "be it" that we have the most impact on the world around us.  This flow, this forward motion, this current is LOVE and "it" has the power to draw "all" men.  Remember it can not be out run, it can not be stopped and it will eventually over take you when you yield to it (which I highly recommend).

What is the purpose of a whirlpool?  To where does it draw all things or in this case all men?  TO THE CENTER OF IT ALL.  And we know HE IS THE CENTER OF IT ALL.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've found myself pausing to reflect on the meaning of this weekend and the accounts that so justify its significance.  I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and praise, as I have seen or heard many others express as well.

Something in my spirit caused a shift in my focus however and opened a realm of revelation that has so caused an undoing of myself and the understanding of the Life, Death and Resurrection of my beloved.

I have always looked through my own eyes to imagine and watch Christ's life play out before me but this weekend I was quickened to a different perspective.  It being one of a father, but not just that of any father.  The Father, the giver of life, the omnipotent and omnipresent one.

I imagined how he must have felt as he watched Christ being beaten for our transgressions and wounded for our iniquities.  The pain and agony that had to have pierced his heart as Christ asked, "Father why have you forsaken me".  I could only imagine him having to turn his eyes away from the onslaught of injustices that Christ was to endure, fervently reminding himself of the magnitude this event would serve.

I know many have questioned God and his actions in allowing this event to take place.  Many have been convinced further that he is a cruel and unjust god.

But in my minds eye, it only goes to speak further of his love for you and I.

To know that, before time began, God foresaw the sacrifice of his only begotten son and resolved to endure the suffering of a brutal end for the sake of his creation; that which he poured a measure of himself into.  To watch him grow in stature, wisdom and knowledge; knowing that his life would be one of unwavering obedience that would lead to an onslaught of suffering.

Even with the foresight of what this event would accomplish, could I standby and endure this measure of pain all in the name of love, removing myself from the very moment?

He loved us so much that he was willing to submit himself to what we consider one of the rawest of offenses of the heart; an offense against one that we love but not just anyone, his own flesh and blood.

He could have chosen a different approach to create the same bridge between us and himself but he chose the ultimate sacrifice to communicate the height and depths of his love for us.

The very knowledge of this moves me beyond anything this world could ever offer me.