Monday, October 15, 2012

Hidden truth is worth seeking.......twenty

A continuation of day 12 of 31 days of reflecting on truth.

Girl twenty.......It is impossible to hang on to what is comfortable and trust God.  She had selfishly wanted to hang on to him, to ignore the signs that he wasn't the one.  Her soul had been tied to a tangible solution to all the insecurities in her head.  She had idolized him, his words and his actions.  These things proved to be empty.  He had no idea how to truly love her because he did not have the same understanding of God's love that she was experiencing.  She drew strength from the truth that was being revealed.
      The day came that this could no longer be drug out any further.  He might have been okay with the games he was playing but she had had enough.  She gave him an ultimatum and followed that up with telling him if he backed out of her driveway right then don't ever bother to pull back into it ever again.  He never did.
     And so she continued to search deep.  She fought the lies of rejection again, the voices that whispered she just wasn't enough or he would have really loved her.  During this time, the word of the Lord, came forth.  

......I saw where the Spirit of God was saying daughter, he says you stood in a place of a lot of sacrifices saith God.  And the Lord says daughter, he says even upon your bed at night, he says surly your pillow has known great tears.  And the Lord says daughter, he says, there's been loneliness with in the midst of you.  The Lord says daughter, he says there was even a period of years where you cried out for friendships.  But the Spirit of God says daughter, he says in the midst of that place, he says I didn't keep them from you.  But the Lord says daughter, I kept you.  For the Lord says daughter, he says surely the enemy wanted to make you think that you were an odd one.  But the Lord says daughter I made you a unique one saith God.  And the Lord says daughter, He says I will cause you to even know the things that I have saved saith God, are precious.  The things that I have preserved saith God are glorious.  Even to the things of me...........

God was speaking.  He knew.  He saw.  It mattered.  It all mattered to Him.  And God upheld her and kept her.  She sought what was hidden and He led her to the truth of Him.

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