Monday, October 15, 2012

Hidden truth is worth seeking......conclusion

A continuation of day 13 of 31 days of reflecting on truth

Questions aren't meant to bring confusion.  They are indicators that there is an even greater truth that needs your seeking.  Clarity comes from the pressing in.  Hearing the voice of the Spirit.   Being brave to seek it and the hidden out.  We are quick to draw our own conclusions but it takes a surrendered heart to desire more than we have concluded.  Their is strength that is amplified in this process.  Each response is shaping you.  It is writing truth in the logs of your own personal history.  It's a record keeping of how you have grown by your own leaps an bounds as you trusted far beyond the eye could see.

I know where these words are coming from because I know they are far beyond me.  I often look back through my history and am reminded of the pain, disappointment, sorrow, rejection, low self esteem, lack of acceptance, going unseen, insecurity, being so needy, knowing there is a handful of dreams that I'm still seeking and it tugs at me but there is truth, real truth, greater truth surfacing. 

God had His hand on me.  He kept me by the bounds of His love for me.  He allowed me to be exposed to these things but He perfected a faith and a trust that no man could ever take from me.  Oh wow, that line, it brought floods to my eyes and every muscle with in me is contracting.

Hidden truth is worth seeking because it's these truths that are the very heart and the beauty of you.

God help this to set in.  I want to see what You see.  Remove my unbelief.  There is always a flip side to what I see in the natural.  There is a greater scheme of things.  There is a reason, a purpose for everything.

Looking back, is there clarity?  Can you see the flip side of things?  Is there something within you that you've failed to see or give yourself  or God credit for?  I know God worked it in you but it was because of your choosing or allowing.   It is all a part of the process that is refining the beauty of you.

Day fourteen of 31 Days Reflecting on truth (click here for this series)

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