Saturday, September 1, 2012

This moment....

I'm planning for today to be a day of writing.  Lots and lots of writing.  Writing has always been a way for me to work things out or work through them.  I write for clarity, wisdom and to remember where I have been and where I am going.  I write in hopes that the Holy Spirit continue to move through me, speak to and through me while overwhelming me with His peace that brings rest. 
I smile even now as it seems I have invited Him to join me.  I marvel at this melting away, this weightlessness that comes from our exchange.  I have to pause and just sit in it for a moment.  His goodness is more than deserving of my praise.  

Maybe you can feel a little bit of this even now.  Please do join me.  No reason for the three of us to be strangers, besides He already knows your name and He's been keeping your seat warm, while waiting for this day.

I set out with a few ideas of things I would like to share but I sense that this is changing and I'm supposing that there is something else He is wanting you to hear.  

Can I ask you, Is God's presence welcome right there where you are sitting?  Is it welcome right there in that thing that sits guarded behind your ribs, beating within your chest? 

 I do hope so.   I hope it is wide open to Him and all that He has for you.  But if it's not, let me just ask that you stop for a moment and consider how you picture the love of a father and what it ought to look like.  You have all this and more in this Jesus.  And today He is calling your name, waiting to wrap His loving arms around you.  To whisper nothing but truth of all the ways in which He has loved you.  

There is nothing God wants more from you than a moment of your time and attention!  He wants you.  Cause no one else can love Him back quite like you can or do!

I want to leave you with this song, for the moment.  Don't take my word for this, listen as He speaks to you.


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