Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm a lover.....

Sitting just above the rocks that mark the oceans floor, now that the tide has found its way back here, listening to the crash of each wave and its retreating. Is the earth moved by this constant pounding?  The moon is low and hidden behind a veil of white.  I taste of salt as I inhale.  I resist the urge to hold my breath, fearing I might lose far more than air if I exhale. I'm desperate for this thing I'm breathing.  I don't want it to pass from me.  There is a sense of drowning as this scene washes over me.  I have beheld beauty and He captivates me....

The possibilities of drowning in a sea of love, I'm beginning to see.  The weightlessness of the accepting is surely the only thing to keep me a float cause I determined to jump ship and am giving up on my own efforts to swim in something this vast and this deep.  Once worn by the fighting of currents,  I'm amazed at how this sea carries me so effortlessly. 

"Why are we not satisfied? Why do we need more? I’m horrified at my frustration. I have everything I need in Christ. Why?", I recall these questions presented in the comment section of a recent blog post I was reading.  

I found myself shouting out answers cause no one likes to stare at unanswered questions.  They have a way of making us uncomfortable and anxious or we take too much pride in thinking we have the answer to the question presented.

At the time, neither scenario was the case.  I was all to surprised by my own explanation.  "It is not out of discontent but rather desire"..???.......my thoughts exactly.  Self condemnation has been my walking stick but it seems it's been replaced and by all things.....grace?    So tell me, where do bold statements like that come from?  Answers to questions I have pondered, slip from my lips as if they have always been there.  Profound revelation, an epiphany of sorts, provoked ever so randomly; pulled from thin air.  Right?

The word says taste and see that the Lord is good.  Do you take just one bite of something when its taste is pleasing to you?

"How long until I'm satisfied?  I must have more of you......If I'm healed by just one touch of your garment Lord, then how much more of your love is for me than I'm tasting Lord?", quoted from an older Vineyard song.   

These questions do not take away from the recognition of God being all that we have need of.  These questions reveal a desire in us to know Him even more.  It is not a discontent with what we have, it is the knowledge that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the Father's love.


This is the searching out.  The seeking. This is part of the gift.  This own personal revealing. 

May your longings never cease because His great love only knows increase!

We were created, lovers of His presence.  Seek and you too shall find where there is true beauty, there too is His presence.  

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