Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank God for the process....

Do you believe that God knows what is best for you?  That His intentions are good?  That His plans are to give you a hope and a future?  Do you really believe that He loves you the way that He says He does?  

If you answered any of the above with yes, then you need to begin to accept that that thing you are walking in the middle of right now, is of or being allowed by God.  As Ann Voskamp puts it, it's the ugly-beautiful.  It hurts and it's hard but what you are not seeing is what it is stripping away and making room for; revealing.  

I know this season seems long and seems it has over run its course.  You may have even uttered, "Haven't I grieved long enough, why can't I just move on or this be over."  I know that I myself have a bad habit of trying to repack my baggage and store it away in a closet because of the time and energy I have exhausted attempting to sort through years of my junk somewhat on my own.  

This thing of purging, it's a process.  And it is one that you can not dictate. You do not get to open the suitcase and choose what to pull out and when to throw it away.  There are things in there that you have long since buried and forgotten.  It is best to let God do the selecting or allow Him to guide you through the process.  He does have a plan, a course of action and He will not force your hand or overwhelm you with the process. 

He will help you to slowly unpack and reflect on each garment you have worn and why it was placed there instead of being tossed away.  Maybe you even thought you had tossed it but for some reason it has remained.  We hold on to so much for one reason or another.  No wonder life is hard and we struggle.  We are constantly dealing with this clutter.  

Can you imagine what it would be like for your spirit to really be free?

I have so pondered this thought and I want it!  My heart might be breaking in midst of the process but I know what is in the makings.  And I choose to trust what God is doing.   I will stand and testify, like David, Asaph and the other authors of Psalms.  I do not fully understand but (there's that word again) I will praise Him!  I will praise Him again and again and again!

What's keeping you from the process?  I know you want to be free.  

Or maybe you have stepped out and you are in the middle of it.  Come on you can do this! Or rather you've got this (actually He's got you and with Him you can do anything.).   Remember He is your prize.  And you're becoming more and more beautiful!  

And here is a high five and a hug for those of you that have gone before the rest of us and know this to be true.  Thank you for your courage and the example you have set!  I promise you have been an inspiration to someone you may never have been aware of watching you.  

Praise Him today, where ever you are!  Whether with a shout or a whisper, it really doesn't matter, either way you have blessed His heart!

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