Friday, September 7, 2012


All that is dark. gray. lifeless. fading away.
Signs of  winter, oh has the season changed.
My heart grows faint.
But my eyes see beauty still.
I am reminded, that even in death, life remains.

The grass withers.
Flowers fade.
Each falls to its grave.
But there is life in this ground.

The earth never stops producing.
It lies in wait.
Considers its timing.
It looks ahead with hope.
It trusts in what will soon be unearthed.

It is expectant.
It knows the joys it will soon hold.

This is where I long to be like this earth.
Understanding my potential to produce.
Trusting of what God has planted.
Content in the waiting.
With vision for what is coming.

Life truly does begin and end with yielding.

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