Thursday, August 16, 2012

Because I said so....

We all know that as a child the given response to the question "Why", was one time too many "Because I said so.".  It was never the response we desired. 

For me it served to be an invaluable lesson in trust and acceptance.  And today, in my shortcomings, my failures, my unbelief, and all my questioning; I'm hearing this once more. 

Why trust?   Why accept?  His love.  His promises.  To this, He gently whispers,

"Because I said so.  
I have written you a book that proclaims my love and the depth of it.  
I have sought you out and continue to pursue you.  
I take every opportunity to demonstrate the degree in which you move Me.  
You must know that you are LOVED.  WANTED.  
Need you any further explanation?  
Why not trust Me."

The hardest struggle to accepting and trusting is the contradicting lies of deception.  The deep seeded words or actions that have left gaping wounds.  Wounds that leave us trembling, broken and in shattered pieces spread about the floor.  I know you know them.  You can name them and probably remember just when they pierced you.

We pick up the pieces, realign them, try to make them fit.  But like any vessel that's ever been broken, as with clay, there is no such thing as a clean break.  There are jagged edges and slivers that seem to have just disappeared.  The vessel is damaged, not beyond repair.  Repairs however will never restore the vessel back to its intended use.  It will never be filled without leaking.  

This leaves us with only two options.  Reconstruction or Deconstruction with the intent of rebuilding.  Either result in the same outcome.  


We must give God permission, trusting in His abilities as an Artist, famous for His passion and the most tender of hands; accepting He really does know His craft.  We are in need.  Filled with so much longing, to experience sweet relief from these depths of our despair.  

Freedom comes with our response to trusting and accepting God's love that has always been there.

Forget about the process.  He's got that covered.  Just be still and know that you are LOVED and WANTED!

The link below offers a free download of the song in the above video.

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