Friday, November 9, 2012

Stumbling across words....

in the dark. in the despair. you will find Me there. you will surrender your heart. let go of all of your hopes and your dreams. push past memories. lay aside grievances. shuck the weight of your self inflicted hate. take steps toward your predestined fate. do you feel the lightness of the load?  do you sense the direction leading you home? I remember that look in your eyes. that wide eyed wonder for all things created. you tasted of my goodness. now taste of it again.

I just stumbled across these words above.  An entry sitting at the top of my un-posted drafts.  And quite honestly, I don't remember drafting them. Nevertheless, they are stunning and I don't mean beautiful.  But the more I think about them the more they are, beautiful.  I may have typed them out but it is not me speaking.  These are His words.  To me, quite possible, but then maybe they are for you, too.  

It sounds as if this is a season for redeeming, like the prodigal making his way home.  It was love that he was met with.  It is only love that can redeem. 

And someone really needs to slap me up side the head.  

Am I so blind that I can't see this is what He has been doing to me.  The process that He has had me in.  That it is Him.  That it is only His love that can redeem what is broken in me.    

In the story of the prodigal, we see a father receiving a son back but it was the love of God that called the son back home and it was the love of God that allowed the father to accept him.  They were both broken but allowed the love of God to explode within their souls and fix all that needed fixing.

What needs fixing in you?  Whatever it is, there may appear to be multiple solutions and they probably sound convincing but only the love of God can fix the deepest parts of you, anything else is just temporary or conditional.

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