Thursday, August 15, 2013

...when full days really aren't so full.

The absence of a constantly ringing phone is sign that the season is slowly changing and I shall be able to breathe again.  For a moment I'm taking my thoughts in.  They have escaped me most days and I have feared not finding them again.  The rush of the busyness of life has left its mark and this little bit of quiet leaves me rummaging through the insignificant because somewhere between daily routines and damage control, I've drifted from the things secured within my heart.  "There is no time for this" or "Let it go, it's just not meant to be" or "I have all of these responsibilities", these thoughts may sound logical and reasonable to believe, but what if the things we make these remarks about, are things God is gently whispering in an attempt to call us out?  What if we listened a little closer, gave Him a chance to speak?  

God doesn't prompt what He hasn't provided for.  

May your curiosity be stirred, to give ear to these callings.  May you be quick to hear Him as He speaks.

........these are the words that have just found me, as I sit in the quiet and voice my current feelings, "I feel so empty", the conclusion I've drawn from the aimlessness that has been filling my days.  Sure there is a lot going on and there are things I'm finding pleasure in and yet there is something missing.   

When we ignore our deep desires, we rob ourselves of intimacy with our heavenly Father.  We must remember that time will permit when Jesus is calling. 

* I know it's been a while and this doesn't pick up from where we last left off but hopefully you will allow me to find my way and let things play out as they may.

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  1. I love what you said about God will not call you to what He has not already provided...something along those lines...mmmm really resonates with me.

    I hope you find the fulfilling full days soon ahead, I want that for you more than anything. I know they are full, even if you meet with God alone, but He wants more for us, for you.

    You are so faithful, thank you for sharing and opening up!