Thursday, July 23, 2009

I feel asleep last night with a very thought provoking statement in my mind. I awoke this morning with a remembrance of this thought but could not get it to formulate in my mind once again. I asked the holy spirit to bring it to my remembrance. He did. This is that statement.

"Emotions are a powerful tool if brought under submission of the rule and reign of our King."

What follows are the thoughts that transpired from this statement.

How else can you be lead by compassion or be sensitive to the spirit? To shut down is to shut off your connection with God. You can't experience intimacy if you can't feel anything. And to be overly sensitive is to be rendered powerless. You have given away your authority.

If emotions were not meant to be an instrumental part of our lives, why have so many suffered attacks in this very area of their lives? We have to learn to control them so they do not control us. We have to bring them under submission with the truth, the word of God. Only then will we find balance and be affective or more affective in the kingdom of God.

You can't be lead by emotion and lead of the Spirit. One will always control the other.

It's not an easy lesson to learn. I'm sure everyone carries a lot of their own battle scars from this very issue. It starts out as a thought that was provoked by a feeling/emotion and if not under submission it threatens every aspect of our lives.

If things in our lives are not what we think or know they should be, then this is a great place to start and evaluate "Why do I feel the way I do?" I bet most of it, if not all, will not have any truth to it. It will not line up with His truth and what He thinks and feels about you.

The lies we believe. Why is it so much easier to believe a lie than it is the truth? And if you think that it's easier to just not feel anything at all, I'm here to tell you that the hurt and the pain that you have encountered is not greater than all the benefits of His love for you. I would rather endure hell and receive the benefits of His love for me than to not feel anything at all. His love and the benefits of it are more than worth it.

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