Friday, March 6, 2009

Storms of life....

The onset or presence of a storm brings/prompts anxiety and fear. We tend to concentrate on the bad, the things that promote fear. We look to assess the possible damage that may occur and we prepare an escape route. We seek higher ground. We look for our own means of shelter. We fear the elements and the disaster they may bring.

We never seem to pause and acknowledge that God knows what He's doing. That He commands and controls the elements. We fail to see the positives that come with a storm because we are to focused on the disruption it will bring to our lives.

I'm learning to welcome the storms in my life, knowing that God will sustain me. That He is wanting my attention and desires to work something in me.

Storms bring the elements of wind and rain, forceful wind and pounding rain. The kind that hurts as it comes in contact with your flesh. These two elements work together to strip away, to reveal roots and foundations. The good and the bad. Sometimes there is an uprooting that takes place. Storms cause the strong to recognize their strengths and the weak to acknowledge their weakness. They prepare the ground for new life, causing things to grow in what was once barren land. It's a time of cleansing and refreshing, a time of renewing and refilling wells that had once run dry. Storms were meant to bring change to the landscape and the atmosphere.

In His love and goodness He is causing something beautiful to be revealed. And for that reason, I will dance in the midst of the storm.

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